Friday, July 4, 2008

4 months

i just realized that it's been 4 months, almost to the day since my last blog... is that good or bad? in my opinion i think it's good because... well... it means i didn't have all kinds of free time to write.

so happy 4th everybody. let's remember today isn't about fireworks and stuffing yourself although i plan to do both. i my opinion today marks one of the most historic days in history. it's one of the first times when a group of people decided to "stick it to the man" and say "were not gonna take it" and it's important to note they said it without any hairspray (if you don't know who twisted sister is you won't get it) without knowing it they did something that would have a profound impact on history and the lives of every american that would come after them.

take a trip to the following and read The Declaration of Independence

God Bless America

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What to do?

some are saying close the curtain, hold you breath and pull the lever for mccain. he's not perfect by any means but the obama, clinton alternative could ruin America. with the supreme court nominations alone i don't think he'd give us anything close to what the dems would. why can't we just have a rock solid conservative get nominated. mike wasn't the be all end all by any means but out of the candidates we had to choose he was one of my top two. my other choice acted like he may not be able to finish a speech without having to sit down and catch his breath. what will i do? i don't know, mccain hasn't been there for me on imigration, spending, taxes why should i be there for him? but then again the alternatives are scary. we'll see, there's a lot of time to decide.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Don't Forget

january 29th is right around the corner. cash money is always appreciated!!! who knows what this upcoming 32nd year will bring? maybe lower property taxes here in florida, a new republican president, who knows? i do know i've already got plans for my tax stimulus rebate, i can't wait till it gets here!!! way to go W!!! now if the tax cuts could be made permanent...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I just don't get it

why can't anyone beat new england? i thought there was parity in the nfl, apparently not. oh well, they'll always have an " * " by this season... with getting caught cheating in the first game how couldn't they? i wonder if their offensive coordinator would want to interview with miami?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas

i'm sorry we're not able to see everyone this christmas, but we're having a nice time here in s.fl. with jo's family.  tyler's enjoying his nana, papa, uncle's, aunt's and cousins.  as always it was fun to see tyler playing with his cousin zack with ryan soon to follow.  we went to a block party at oasis north miami the highlight was the rock climbing wall (thanks for the insults ja) i might have made it a third of the way up when my fear of heights, falling, breaking bones took over and i came down.  of the three of us (jeremy, ja and i), jeremy was the only one to ring the bell at the top!  woulda, shoulda, coulda but didn't, i'll probably regret it the rest of my life i'm sure...

christmas came early this year, we bought jo a car a few weeks ago and then last week the dolphins got a win!  what a way to finish out 2008!  see you all next year!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

i'd like to announce...

i said this wouldn't be a political blog and it won't be but i'd like you to know where i stand on things. mainly who my current choice for President of the United States is.

now that that's over with i can get on with not blogging again for another 4 weeks! i'll try but it just seems like i'm so busy.

right now at work we're slammed! it's open enrollment for the over 65 crowd so their making their selections for medicare suppliments and need our help. some have a clue, most don't and seem to be rather angry. two things i've realized since open enrollment started on nov. 15th. #1. i don't want to ever be one of those angry people and #2. i've got so save as much as possible so if i am one of those angry people i won't be broke! thank goodness for a 401k with a company match! for more info on how to "save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off" go see my buddy (he doesn't really know we're buddies but at least i think we are) clark howard. anyway back to open enrollment, it's crazy! there are some plans out there that are free, yes i said FREE and people are complaining! i don't get it, i just don't.

anyway i'm looking forward to working this weekend for a few hours and then coming home to put up the christmas lights on the house. maybe i'll get a pic of the house all tricked out christmas style! more on that later. well time for bed! remember, "I Like Mike!"

Saturday, October 13, 2007

the last few weeks...

have been filled with new tons of new things! i started working for a large insurance company on 10.01.07 and am excited about the opportunities that are available to me in my department as well as the company itself. i'm on a sales team of about 15 with 3 teams in our department. i'm hoping once my training is done to be ranked as one of the top five sales agents each month. mostly for two main reasons, one i love to compete and hate to lose (yes the dolphins are losers and fsu is well on their way), secondly because of the financial reward and what it will mean to our family. hopefully if things go well we'll be able to add to our offspring and decrease our families working hours by 32 per week. translation: johanna can stay home with tyler and his sibling. now i know you're reaching for the phone right now but there's no need to. this is not an announcement of any kind. there is know knowledge on my part that there is another child on the way, none what so ever. this is only our hope and prayer that God will bless our family and make it grow when his timing is right. so if your looking for something to pray for us about it's that i'll be successful in my new job and our family will grow.

pumpkin patch and family visits saturday we made our 2nd annual trip to the pumpkin patch! what a fun time! tyler was much more aware of his surrounding this year which didn't help when we tried to take pictures. we'll be sharing them with everyone shortly. we're happy that the weather is finally cooling off and that we'll get to see our family soon. tyler is looking forward to his aunt, uncle and cousins coming for a visit as are jo and i. it's always nice to be with loved ones even if they smell funny or are hairy beyond belief! we love you and you know who you are! we're also looking forward to going to the reunion next weekend. there's just something about going to pdl... i don't know what it is but i just love being there.

well that's pretty much it for now. my weekend was ruined sometime late thursday night or early friday morning as the onside kick fsu was trying to get didn't happen and they got their second loss of the season to wake forest... there's alway next week i guess, hopefully they'll show up against um.